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Get paid up to £100+ for recommending my services.

Due to the expansion of my company, we are looking for self-motivated individuals that would like the opportunity to earn up to £100+, simply by recommending my services to potential customers.


This job role is ideal for Students, Stay-at-home Mums or anyone with an hour spare in a day and doesn't require any previous sales experience.

No cold calling, no sales targets, no upfront costs, no catches, no previous experience needed.

And all you have to do is recommend people to my services, that's it.


We probably all have a friend that has (or maybe you've even done it yourself) tried getting some extra income by becoming an Avon Rep or Forever Life etc. However, the problems that most people find is that...

1. There's usually some kind of upfront costs for samples so you have to spend money before you can make it. 

2. You end up feeling like you're begging people to use products they wouldn't normally use.
3. There's a lot of effort (and sometimes travelling) involved, and if you're not great at selling, you will find it very hard to do well.

However, working with me is different. It runs on the same concept of Avon Reps and similar companies, but instead...

1. There's no upfront costs, no targets, just get your commission once someone has paid for a service.

2. The products you will be selling are things that people will always need such as:

  • Photography for Weddings & Celebrations

  • Website Development for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

  • Family, Child & Modelling Portraits

  • In-Trend Women's Clothing & more.

3. You don't have to approach this like a sales role, it's simply recommending people, and you can do all of that from a smartphone or laptop. Very little effort. Look on Facebook Groups, message your phone contacts etc.

To give you an idea of earning potential...

Your close friend is looking for Family & Child Portraits.

You recommend me to them and they go for a £199 package.

You just earned £39.

One of your relatives is looking for a Wedding Photographer.

You recommend me to them and they go for a £799 package.

You just earned £159.

One of your Facebook friends is starting their own business.

You recommend me to them and they go for a £999 package.

You just earned £199.

Saleswoman in Boutique Store


Are we recommending to?


Anyone in the UK that's in need of a creative service that I (or my partners can) provide. Could be your family/friend, could be a stranger on a Facebook group.


Are we recommending?


A wide range of creative services, from Website Design for someone starting their own company, to Wedding Photography for someone getting married, and anything in between.

Male Model
Woman on her Tablet


Do I find people that are interested?


They are everywhere, and you probably have hundreds of people either on your Facebook, WhatsApp, at your workplace etc. that are in need of a creative service right now.


Are you doing this?


It's very simple, rather than just giving out a load of discounts and spending hundreds of £'s on advertising, I would rather just put that money into your pocket by rewarding you for recommending me.

Team Talk
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Do I get paid?


If you recommend someone to me and they choose to use my services, as soon as the job is complete you will get paid your percentage of the price.


Can I start?


Whenever you're ready! There's a sign up form below, and if successful in your application, I will give you a walkthrough of all the services that are available to be recommended, the price for each one and how much you will earn.

The Contract


If you like what you've heard so far and would like to sign up or want to enquire more about the job opportunity, please click the button below and fill out your details.

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