Free Email Marketing


Email and SMS marketing and is a very popular and effective marketing platform designed to help you selectively engage with customers. Your messages could relate to new products and updates, special offers, event registrations, lead generation and much more. It’s database driven so you choose what message you want sent, which group of customers (personalised of course) you want to send to and how often. The email you received which lead you to this page, is an example of email marketing with a personalised greeting.


There are several FREE email marketing platforms which offer good features that allow you to get started. There will be limitations on what you can do which is their way of trying to upgrade you to a paid service with more features. Our favourite free email marketing platform is Mailchimp. It's easy to get started with and the more campaigns you create, the more effective your campaigns will become.


You'll need to create an email database as this drives the entire campaign. We recommend you include the customer's first name, last name and email address. If you think you would like to try SMS marketing at some stage, you should include their mobile number as well. If you don't already have this information, for example, you are a cash business, you will need to start collecting it with your customer's permission. 


You are now ready to create the content for your email. This will depend on the message you want to send, who you want to send it to and when you want to send it. Writing the email copy (text) along with choosing relevant images to make it more interesting and informative can be time consuming though. You may want to include a special offer (always appealing) to get attention and encourage your customers to read your email.


Before sending your email you'll need to test it several times (at least 3 or 4) to make sure it works the way you want it to, including being clearly visible on Apple Mac, PC and Android and Apple smart phones and tablets. Send the email to yourself and a friend to proof read it, check that it makes sense and is not confusing or contradictory and that all the links you included work correctly.


When you are satisfied your email is ready to go, simply click on SEND and it will be delivered to all your email addresses within minutes. Mailchimp has a good reporting feature that lets you see how many emails were delivered, how many were opened (read) and how many click throughs (for example to your website) you achieved. You may experience unsubscribes from people who don't want you bothering them.


If this all sounds like too much work, or it's not in your skill set, or you don't have the time, we are happy set up your campaign and manage it for you. The price for a Mailchimp email marketing campaign with up to 1000 email addresses is $297 incl GST. During the COVID-19 crisis we have reduced this by 25% so you only pay $222.75. 

Call 1300 85 26 85 to discuss, get a quote, or if you prefer, email us.