Bounce Back Boot Camp

We offer free support to help your business rebuild and restart after lockdown. Including 1:1 advice, checklists and online guides. We can help with everything from switching to online platforms, business strategy, HR, flexible working and crisis planning. We also offer free webinars and video tutorials to tackle critical topics from restarting your business, business contingency planning, e-commerce, social media, managing cashflow and more.

Kick-Starting Your Business After COVID-19

Covid-19 Notice – During this time we are extending our free help to directors of limited companies that are sole employees and those who are self employed that have not yet filed a tax return. The reason for this is that this particular group is not covered properly by any of the government schemes and we want to help them where possible. If you would like help please fill out the form below and for the social impact question mark as n/a.

If you are using this time to plan ahead or you want to talk to someone about how you can adapt your current setup we are here to help and listen.