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Free Training Webinars
Workshops and Seminars

Awaring Startups about the new developments and advancements in the field and helping them overcome their problems through our workshops and seminars.

Covering a wide range of topics such as switching to online sales, digital strategy, using video for business, social media, Facebook, SEO and more.

We deliver “practical and inspiring” enterprise and creative thinking workshops. Engaging information, examples and ideas are combined with group and individual exercises, enabling powerful insights and direct application to your own venture or idea.

Start-ups and Social Enterprise

Enterprise – could I, would I, should I?

Is enterprise an option you’re considering?  This interactive workshop will help you to think it through, sharpen focus and assess how close to ‘enterprise ready’ you are and what you need to do to close the gaps.

The Big Idea   In this highly-interactive workshop you’ll be introduced to a range of creative thinking techniques to generate and/or improve ideas and create a compelling business vision.


Market research

You may have a great idea, but it’s not a business until you have customers.  By the end of this session you’ll be able to carry out your own customer and competitor research as well as analyse your industry and market trends. With those tools your business will start with a huge advantage.

Getting and managing money  Does money drive you or is it just a way of keeping score? This session will help you put it in its place. We’ll explore sources of funding and the lean start-up approach. You’ll also be introduced to the fundamental financial aspects of running a business.


Making it Happen

In this creative and focused session you’ll bring it all together in an effective and concise business model. You’ll also learn how to present your business, get on-going support and make the connections you’ll need to start and grow a successful business.

The Small Business Funding Maze

This workshop will help you to navigate and engage with small business funding options. By the end of the session you’ll be able to: better understand and deal with your own financial psychology; Assess options for financing your business start-up or growth; Deliver more effective proposals and presentations to funders; Understand funders’ requirements and how to meet them. The session may include a panel of funders.

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