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History & About Page

Where we started

Nijah Paul is a qualified Business Support advisor. He created Ni Can Help in 2019 as an agency, but soon realised that he would like to deliver work to people not just solely for money, but for the love of helping.


He wants to help turn interests and skills into long-term, flourishing businesses – not setting out to conquer the world like contestants on The Apprentice or Dragons Den, but, reaching freedom and financial security by delivering traditional services in existing markets.​


Nijah genuinely strives to dismiss the myth that you have to ‘start an airline’ or ‘invent the next big thing’ to have a successful business. With 99% of start-ups setting out to start something conventional, based on a hobby or an interest, there is massive scope and encouragement for people who want to do just that.

Erika Watson is a highly experienced mentor and accredited business adviser, with particular strengths in working with women-led businesses and social enterprises. Client feedback for Erika is listed below.

There are oodles of people setting up in business but no recognised, accredited support. 

Who we are for

If you want to launch an airline, then you’ve come to the wrong place. We help the other 99.9% of the start-up community who wish to set up a conventional business in an emerging or traditional market. Our courses provide uncomplicated, useful information and guidance to anyone who is in the process of setting up a business or simply just exploring the idea.

Greenwell helps businesses and professionals to become more entrepreneurial. We specialise in engaging a more diverse range of people in entrepreneurial activity, through:

Business support and training for early stage businesses and social enterprises

Enterprise skills for Businesses and Professionals

Inclusive Enterprise CPD for business support providers and educators

Running your own business means you have to be an expert not only in your own field, but also in marketing, social media, accounting, HR - the list goes on! 

We have created the FSB skills hub to support you with the resources you need to ensure business continuity in the immdiate future and for the longer term.

Find answers to your legal questions, demystify the digital world, build a robust business model and unlock the potential of your FSB membership.

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